Stored Value Card

Denver Community’s Stored Value Card is a prepaid debit card.  No credit approval is required.  When you have a Stored Value Card attached to your account you can effortlessly transfer money onto your card via TellerPhone, our e-Credit Union, or by speaking with a credit union representative.  Easily make purchases, or withdraw cash; just use your card until the funds are depleted, then re-load it. There are hundreds of surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs you can use.  Not only is there no interest to be paid with the Stored Value Card, but you also have less risk of overdrawing your account.  You can set up a separate Stored Value Card if your loved one does not currently have a Denver Community checking account.  They’re great gifts too!  For more ways to use a Stored Value Card, go to our Youth and Young Adult page.


  • Great tool for budgeting
  • You may have multiple Stored Value Cards
  • Easy to use with ATMs
  • Cheaper than most pre-paid debit cards on the market

To obtain your Stored Value Card, call 303-573-1170 or inquire at any Denver Community Credit Union location.

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