The One Step Connect feature in Quicken is available only for savings and checking at this time.  We have not been given a timeline for the solution for updating loans and credit cards.  Loans may be added as new accounts.

If you are experiencing issues with connecting to Quicken or Quickbooks, and you have followed the deactivation and activation steps in the instructions below, you may wish to contact Intuit directly using their support at


If you previously used Quicken or QuickBooks with your online banking account, you will need to go through the conversion process.  To do so, please find the correct conversion instructions for your operating system type (Windows or Mac), your version of Quicken or QuickBooks (year), and your connection method.  If you are using Web Connect, and you cannot find where to export your quicken files in the current online banking, please look below or click here for directions.








To find your export file in the current online banking:

1. Log into your ebanking account at Denver Community CU.  If you haven’t done this yet, make sure to follow the first-time login instructions found in the video tutorial.

2. Go to the history of the account you would like to update.  Do this by double-clicking on the account name or hovering over the orange lightning arrow and choosing history.

3. In the middle blue bar, click on the “display” and change it to “export”.

4. Change the dropdown menu from “Spreadsheet” to “Quicken”.

5. Click Submit.  The download begins.

6. Opening the download automatically cues Quicken to import it.  If it doesn’t, you may have to “save as” and import it separately.

7. It is quite important that you choose to “link to an existing account” in the next dialog box.  Choose the correct account to link to.  Click “import”.



For additional questions or concerns, please contact 303-573-1170.


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