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Holiday Savings

The holidays are just around the corner, believe it or not!  Will you be ready?  Start saving a little bit now to lessen the financial stresses associated with holiday spending.

How we can help

Denver Community Credit Union offers special savings accounts that can help you save.  

  1. Open a special savings account today.*  Just call 303-573-1170 to get started.
  2. Name your special savings, "Holiday Savings"
  3. Set up automatic transfers.  Automatic transfers are the best way to save, because you don't even have to think about it.

What is your goal for the holidays?  See our chart below to help you determine how much to save per pay period.

Goal on December 25th Start Date Type of Income Amount to save each paycheck
$1000 September 1 Monthly $250
$1000 September 8 Biweekly $125
$750 September 1 Monthly $188
$750 September 8 Biweekly $94
$500 September 1 Monthly $125
$500 September 8 Biweekly $63
$100 September 1 Monthly $25
$100 September 8 Biweekly $13
*One withdrawal permitted each month at no cost. $1 withdrawal fee for in-person transactions.  Multiple online transfers are permitted, but the savings account is submect to Regulation D.  Regulation D fee is $5/transaction, after 6 preauthorized, automatic, telephinc, or online banking transactions.  See our Rates and Fee Sheet.

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