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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Are you saving money to make a big purchase in the future like a house or car?  Or do you just want to save money for the future?  Certificates of Deposit are a great financial tool for those looking to save and grow their money at the same time.  A CD is a high yield term investment.  Essentially, you lock up your money for an extended amount of time—any term between 3–60 months—so it can gain higher dividends.*

To start saving with a CD, all you need is a minimum deposit of $100, which is a low amount compared to other CDs on the market.  We have a wide range of terms to choose from, so you can choose the term to suit your needs.  Your Certificate will begin earning dividends as soon as it is opened.  These dividends can be paid back to you in a various amount of ways.  They can be compounded back to the certificate, deposited to another account, or simply mailed back to you when your term is up.  When the CD matures, you can choose to withdraw the money or roll it into a new CD.  If you do nothing, we will automatically reinvest the money for you, at the same term and current rate.


  • Great for saving money over an extended period of time
  • Great for reaching savings goals
  • Option to use several CDs to optimize liquidity and savings
  • Low minimum balance requirement
  • Market-leading dividend rates

For more information or to open a CD, call 303-573-1170 or toll-free 1-877-293-6328.  Check out our current Deposit Rates.


*All certificates automatically renew for another term upon maturity.  All certificates are subject to early withdrawal penalties: term of 12 months or less = 90 days dividends, terms over 12 months = 180 days dividends.  Denver Community Credit Union share accounts are variable rate accounts.  Dividend rates and annual percentage yields (APY) are subject to change without notice. 

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