ID Safe Choice

Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission estimates that it takes 6 months and 200 hours of work to recover from identity theft?  Who has the time to deal with a stressful ordeal such as this? If you have a checking account with Denver Community Credit Union, you can rest assured that your identity is covered by enrolling in our ID Safe Choice Recovery Services.

This true benefit is here for you in the event your identity is compromised.  If you suspect that your identity has been stolen, tell us.  We will connect you to a Professional Recovery Advocate who will start on your case right away.  Other members of your family may be eligible to receive this service too. 

For guidelines on ID Safe Choice Recovery Services, be sure to contact your local Denver Community Credit Union.  This service only costs $1.96 per month, which is less expensive than other similar services.  If you do not wish to partake in ID Safe Choice Recovery Services, you may request that this service be waived.  But why take the risk in today’s world?


You can also take advantage of our group program and receive discounted pricing on other services such as credit monitoring.  Go to for more information.

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