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EMV (Chip) Card Transition

EMV chip cards are coming to Denver Community Credit Union in 2018!  All cardholders will be issued new EMV cards in the first half of 2018.  Please see below for important information about this transition.

About EMV

EMV is the global standard for debit and credit card transactions.  EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa.  It is the joint effort of these companies to globally ensure acceptance of cards for debit and credit transactions, as well as enhance the security of transactions.  

EMV provides enhanced security by generating a unique transaction code every time the card is used to make a purchase at a point of sale machine (in a physical store).  This code cannot be used again, and since it doesn't provide your card number, it makes obtaining your payment difficult for hackers.

Denver Community Credit Union is making this transition to better protect our membership from card fraud.  We understand that EMV cards are something a majority of our membership desires.  We are pleased to provide this technology to our members in 2018.

For more information about EMV chip technology, listen to our podcast episode all about EMV chip cards.  It's free to listen and doesn't require any special equipment.

"What Are the Benefits of EMV Chip Cards"

Debit and Credit Cards
  • All debit and credit cards will be issued between January and March, 2018.
  • All debit and credit cards will be issued by member number, meaning you will receive all cards associated with your member number at the same time.  If you have more than one Denver Community Credit Union membership, you may receive your cards that are associated with the different accounts at separate times.
  • Your debit and credit card numbers will not be changing.  However, the expiration dates and three-digit CVV codes will change.
  • Because your card number is not changing, you will not be issued a new PIN number for your new EMV cards.
  • Please activate your EMV card as soon as you receive it.  If you continue to use your old, magnetic stripe card 45 days after the EMV card has been issued, both the magnetic stripe card and the new EMV card will be frozen.  You will then be required to contact the credit union directly to have the EMV card unlocked.
  • We understand that receiving a new EMV card is exciting.  Please wait for your EMV card to be issued to you via mail.  Your new EMV card MUST be issued to your via mail-issue, according to the credit union's pre-planned issue schedule.
Stored Value Cards
  • All Stored Value Cards will be issued in march, separate from debit and credit cards.
  • Stored Value Card numbers will change, along with the expiration date and three-digit code.  The number change was necessary so that we can move forward in reissuing Stored Value Cards via mail, instead members being required to come into a branch for a new one.
  • Because the card number is new, a new PIN number will be required.  Keep an eye out for a separate letter with details about your new PIN.
  • Please activate your new Stored Value Card immediately upon receiving it.  If you do not activate you new EMV Stored Value Card within 45 days of the new card being issued, and continue to use the old magnetic strip card, both the magnetic strip card and new EMV card will be frozen. If you do not activate your new EMV Stored Value Card within 45 days, you will need to visit a branch location, or call 303-573-1170.
  • If your Stored Value Card is set to expire in January or February 2018, or if it is lost or stolen prior to your new EMV card being issued, you may come into any branch location for a new one.
ATM Cards
  • ATM cards will not be changing.
  • ATM cards will not have EMV chips.


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