Tiered Money Market

Our Tiered Money Market Account is a more accessible account that provides higher dividends than a Share Savings Account.  Because this account is tiered, real value is found with higher balances; so the higher the balance, the higher the dividend.  Our money market tiers start at $2,500.  As the balance increases, so does the dividend rate, earning you more money.


  • Ability to save and grow money with higher dividends than a Share Savings Account
  • Unlimited number of in-person withdrawals if the account balance remains above $2,500
  • Liquidity of funds
  • Insured by NCUA

To open a Money Market, or to get more information, call 303-573-1170 or toll-free 1-877-293-6328, or contact us.  You can also stop in at any of our branch locations.


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