eBanking FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions that are not addressed on this site, please call 303-573-1170.

I need help getting through the First Time User process.

At the initial login screen you must first enter in your member number and select the "I am a first time user" option."  Next, you will be asked to select how you would like to receive your secure access code.  Upon receiving the secure access code, enter it in the next screen and continue.

     Step-by-Step Login Instructions:

     ***The Secure Access Code will be required for 2 consecutive logins per computer.***

  1. Enter your account number into the Login ID field. If you use a nickname for your account currently, you will still have to enter in your account number.  The new system is not set up with this nickname.
  2. Check the box that states, "I am a First Time User."  Click the Login button.  You will not need to enter in a password at this time.
  3. Select a phone number or email address from the options available to you to receive your Secure Access Code.  Your code should arrive within a minute or two.  If you do not see one of your phone numbers or email addresses, then you may need to update these with the credit union.  Please call 303-573-1170.
  4. Enter the Secure Access Code when prompted.
  5. The next page will display the Welcome First Time User Message.  Please review the message and follow the prompts.
  6. Review your Online Profile information (email, address, phone number, etc.).  Click Create Profile.
  7. Enter a password.  Be mindful of the Password Policy that is described to the right of the password field.
  8. Confirm the password - enter again.  Click Continue.

All of my Secure Access Code contact information is outdated.  What do I do?

You will need to contact one of our local call center representatives at 303-573-1170.

Does Mint.com work with the new system?

Mint.com does work with our new system.  Unfortunately, because Mint is a free product offerred by Intuit, Intuit does not provide a conversion process and requires users of Mint to create new accounts to include them in their system.  There is no way to link them to existing accounts.  This was an unavoidable consequence of upgrading our online banking.  If you are using Quicken or Quickbooks, please visit the webpage that specifically discusses the process for those software packages.

What is Denver Community Credit Union's Login ID Policy?

Login IDs must be between 6-20 characters.  It may contain any of the following special characters: ' ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + [ ]{ }| : " ; ' < > ? , . \ /

I am having trouble understanding the new password requirements.

Denver Community Credit Union's new password policy:

  • Must be between 6-20 characters
  • Must contain at least one number
  • Must contain at least one lowercase letter
  • Cannot be the same as your last password

How do I change my password if I forgot it?

You may change your forgotten password by clicking on the "Forgot Password?" link on the initial login screen.

How do I cancel a transaction I created?

Go to the "Online Activity" option in the toolbar to the left of your account information.  Once in "Online Activity" highlight the transaction you wish to cancel and select the "Cancel" option in the menu above it.

Why did Denver Community Credit Union change things?  The old online banking site was fine.

The upgrade was made to provide better account security and features that were not available in the old site.  We have added the following enhancements:

  1. Secure Messaging (send a question securely to the credit union if needed)
  2. Adding External Accounts (link your account with an outside financial institution for an easy way to transfer funds between accounts when needed)
  3. Enhanced Mobile and Text Banking
  4. Alerts: Set up balance or other transaction alerts that are received via email, phone, or SMS (text message)

How do I get transactions into Quicken/QuickBooks? It's not working anymore.

Once you are logged into your account, go to the "History" option in the toolbar.  There, you will see a dropdown button that says, "Display..."  Select that dropdown and pick "Export to File." Next, in the drop down just to the right select your appropriate choice.  If you were already a user of Quicken/Quickbooks before our conversion you will need to perform an update in your Quicken Product.  You can find step-by-step instructions here.

I need to change the account/amount/date on a recurring transfer.  How do I do that?

Go to the "Online Activity" option in the toolbar, highlight the transaction and select the "Cancel" option in the menu just above it.  A recurring transfer may only be added or cancelled, not edited.

I keyed in a transfer a week ago, and it never hit my account.  What happened?

You may have created a draft of your transfer and may not have approved it.  To do so, go to the "Online Activity" option.  From here you may approve any pending transactions.

How long is my secure access code valid for?

15 minutes.

How long is my temporary password valid for?

24 Hours.

How long can I be logged into my account before it times out?

  1. 15 minutes with no activity
  2. Maximum of 60 minutes with activity (mouse clicking)

How long can I go without logging into my account before my account is locked?

If there are no logins for a period of 90 days, the account will be locked.

How long will the items show up in the "Online Activity" screen in eBanking?

The system will show any information indefinitely.

If I add an external account, how long do I have to verify that external account before it will make me start the process over again?

14 calendar days.


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