Business Investments

Specialized Accounts to Help a Small Business Owner

Denver Community Credit Union knows that business owners need special products just like their businesses.  We offer both Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to complement a high deductible health care plan as well as SEP IRAs for those small business owners beginning to save for their retirement.

Health Savings Account

Our Health Savings Accounts have no transfer fees and can be opened without a high minimum balance.  Plus, you can roll over the funds from year-to-year, building up for your future.  These accounts are always used to complement a high deductible health care plan, and may contain tax benefits for you.  Please always check with your tax advisor for tax implications.


Business owners don’t have someone else building up their retirement for them.  That’s why there is a special IRA to help a business owner save.  Here at Denver Community Credit Union, we offer a Simplified Employee Pension IRA for our small businesses to help them save for their future retirement.  

There are tax advantages to many SEP IRAs also, so please check with your tax advisor for potential savings.

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