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I love working with the staff at Denver Community Credit Union. They are very professional and put the customer first. I have opened a personal checking and business account with Denver Community Credit Union and love it. I would encourage people to use Denver Community Credit Union over major banking institutions. They have the best interest rates for businesses, car loans, and mortgages.

Jamaal C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our memberships have online and mobile banking. As a business member you will have more options under the online platform that will help your business with their operating activities.

Yes, we partner with Newtek who is our payroll services provider and will guide you to the best option that fits your business needs.

No. Only the person(s) authorized to open the account should come in, or apply online. However, we still need the date of birth, social security number, (ID? What does this mean? ID #? Of a driver’s license?), and address of all of the owners of the business, even if they are not going to be signers on the account. Also, we required an operating agreement, incorporations agreement, minutes or partnership agreement indicating who is authorized to manage the business account with Denver Community.

No. We are required to have a certificate of good standing stating that the business is active and in compliance with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Yes, as long as the business is operating and registered in Colorado and is within the counties of Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, or Jefferson, you can open a business account.

We partner with Total Merchant Concepts (TMC). We will refer you to them and they will guide you on the best merchant option for your business needs.

All business accounts come with a debit card and your business name is embossed on the front of the card plus the signer’s name.

Our business membership is your savings account and your checking account is your operational account.

No, any account signer can sign the business checks associated to the account.

No, the business has to be operating and registered under the Colorado Secretary of State.

No, we do not have startup loans. However, we partner with Mi Casa, RMMFI and Dream Spring that have programs and funding options for startup businesses. You may also want to consider a HELOC or other personal loan for funds to start a business.

Please refer to our Business Account Checklist.

Yes! A CD or Money Market can be added to your business membership.  Click here to see our current rates.

Yes!  Once your checking account is opened, you will receive your Visa® debit card.

Our opening deposit for businesses is no different from our personal accounts.  Denver Community Credit Union requires $25 to open a membership.

We offer two types of business accounts to meet your business’s needs.

  1. Simple Business Checking
  2. Business Analysis Checking

For complete details, please refer to our business checking disclosure:

Business Checking Disclosure

Yes! We have a section within our online banking platform designed for our business members.

Whomever is going to manage, control, or have access to the account.

To open a Denver Community business account, you will need the items in the following checklist:  Download Business Account Checklist